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A waffle cookie is the perfect fusion of the two best foods in the world, waffles and cookies! Waffle cookies are unique and hand-crafted cookie creations, made in a waffle iron.

Who needs birthday cake when you can eat waffle cookies? Our special birthday cake waffle cookies come already decorated with icing and festive multi-colored colored sprinkles. All you need to do is add the candle! We’ll also Include a complimentary birthday card with a customized message.

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*Orders are shipped every Monday

*Orders received before 8am on Sunday, will be sent out the next day in the weekly Monday shipment

*Contains: gluten, dairy, eggs

*The facility is peanut-free but may contain other kinds of nuts


  1. Jen W.

    I sent this to my daughter at Colgate and she LOVED it!! Such a great surprise for her and I support the company’s charitable mission too!

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